Professor Matthew Roughan

I’m a Professor at the University of Adelaide in the School of Mathematical Sciences, and (interim) Director of the Teletraffic Research Centre (TRC).

I was made a Fellow of the IEEE in 2019, and a Fellow of the ACM in 2018.

Research Interests

  • Networks: in the past this was mostly computer networks, but these days it includes social networks, biological networks, …
  • When you look at networks, there are quite a few pieces:
    • Traffic (traffic analysis, traffic matrices, anomaly detection, …)
    • Topology (estimation, and synthesis)
    • Performance analysis (queueing theory and beyond)
    • Routing (measurement and formal design)
    • Security (formally provable properties of architectures)
  • I’m interested in measurement/estimation, modelling and control of all of the above
  • The tools we use come from graph theory, stochastic modelling, statistics, abstract algebra, formal methods, signal processing, …, i.e., whatever is needed but with an emphasis on rigour.

Brief Bio

I obtained my PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide in 1994. I have since worked for the

  • Co-operative Research Centre for Sensor Signal and Information Processing (CSSIP), in conjunction with DSTO
  • at the Software Engineering Research Centre at RMIT and the University of Melbourne, in conjunction with Ericsson
  • at the AT&T Shannon Research Labs in the United States.

For the last decade or so I have worked at the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, in South Australia.

Contact Information

Matthew Roughan
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Adelaide, SA, 5005

Phone: +618 8313 6282