Spatially Embedded Random Networks (SERNS)

A SERN is a natural generalisation of a random network, taking into account that many physical networks are embedded in space, and longer links are more costly, and hence less likely.

We’ve been doing some work on SERNs for a little while. Here’s a few relevant links.

Test 3

Another canned example, this time using a shortcode to include the sigmajs script inline.


Metagraphs are a generalisation of graphs (or networks) similar in nature to a directed hypergraph.

  • A hypergraph allows an “edge” to connect more than one node.
  • Directionality means that an edge can connect one set of objects to another difference set.

The main difference in a metagraph is that edges come associate with properties, even properties that are conditional on other parts to the graph, making them ideal to represent policies.